XB1 Chimera: Update 23.10.6

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C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Update 23.10.6


The launch of The Sacrifice back in July 2018 was the last Mainline update to go out, and it was no doubt a hefty one. There was much for the entire DE team to comb through and we find this to be the case with all Mainlines. As we say with all Mainlines, we can’t catch everything that may fall through the cracks, and even with all of the PC hotfixes that went live prior to the release of this update, there is a possibility you may see some WIP or unintentional things that are not meant to be live.

C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: has come….


Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

A new type of challenge is available to players that have completed the entire Solar Map! If you have not completed the entire Solar Map, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis Enclave in any Relay and talk to the NPC located at the front of the room. They will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations!

ARBITRATIONS are here, read on to learn everything you need to know!

The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count!

Every hour you’ll be presented with a new Arbitration.

  • These missions are always Endless!
  • Rewards are earned at double-the-usual interval (every 10 Defense waves, every 10 Survival minutes), etc.
  • Rewards are on an ABCCCCCCCCCCC (repeat C to infinity) rotation.
  • Any A/B/C interval reward you receive is kept after you die or fail the mission (anything picked up off the ground is lost though)!
  • Missions feature a new Arbiter-themed drone enemy that effectively shields nearby enemies. A keen team will coordinate to take these protective units out!
  • Each successful interval will earn you a new “Vitus Essence” resource that can be used to build some new cosmetic items offered by an Abiters NPC in the their respective Arbiters Enclave in any Relay.
  • PER PLAYER BOONS! Every Arbitration features a custom boon to you! A given Warframe and Weapon will receive substantial bonuses if used.
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Endless Arbitration missions play out a little differently for an added challenge…

Survival: Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of what they’re normally worth!
Interception: Towers controlled by enemies fill the “Opponent” progress bar at double the rate!
Defense: You’re protecting an NPC and have much less downtime between waves!
Excavation: Increased Defense time to 3:00!
Defection: Rescue targets have no revive state!
Infested Salvage: Consoles have half their normal Health!

Unique Rewards can be found within Arbitrations, including:

  • 6 x Mods:
    • Sharpshooter (Sniper): +15 Energy on Headshot Kill
    • Cautious Shot (Unique): -90% Self Damage, -15% Total Damage
    • Power Donation (Aura): -30% Ability Strength, +30% Ability Strength for teammates
    • Vigorous Swap (Warframe): On Equip: +165% damage for 3s, +100% Holster Speed
      • Vigorous Swap will deactivate when an Ability weapon is active (Mesa’s Peacemaker, Valkyr’s Hysteria, etc).
    • Rolling Guard (Warframe): On Dodge: Become invulnerable for 3s and remove all Status Effects. 7s cooldown.
    • Adaptation (Warframe): When Damaged: +10% resistance to that Damage Type for 20s. Stacks up to 90%.
  • Arbitration exclusive Resource known as ‘VITUS ESSENCE’ used for crafting Arbitration Cosmetics!

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XB1 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (In Cert!)

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C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕ is coming…

Update 23.10.6 has been sent off to cert! This mainline update is jam packed with all kinds of hotness and featured goods from PC Update 23.9.0 to 23.10.6. From the new Arbitrations (previous WIP title of Lethal Alerts) to the Daily Tribute changes, QOL changes and fixes, and everything in between, Update 23.10.6 is a hefty ~2.5GB worth of the latest for Warframe.

What is a mainline update you ask? To quote [DE]Rebecca:

“It’s the type of update where we send out everything we’ve been working on that’s accumulated that isn’t related to a bigger picture feature.”

Our last mainline update for consoles was back in July with the release of The Sacrifice, so you can expect a good helping of notes once the update drops!

This thread will be updated with the release date once we have passed Cert. With all that said, let’s take a glimpse into what Chimera: Update 23.10.6 will bring:



The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count!

Prepare for the arrival of Lethal Alerts! Complete all nodes in the Star Chart now to unlock Arbitrations when the update goes live.



This bundle features creations from past PC releases and will be available in the in-game Market when the update goes live!
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Clan Members Only! Chroma Prime Access Giveaway

  • Running for the next 7 days – Here are the special requirements to win
  • Yep – Breathing and logging in for a daily is not going to work for this one
  • Must be active and logging in often – The more often the better – Daily is best with actual time playing the game
  • Must have contributed to the clan during the 7 Day run of this contest
  • Must be a member in good standing and actively helping to fill the needs of the clan and it’s members
  • Winner will be determined by Giveaway Bot and also approved by clan Warlord and Mods
  • Must be a member of our discord
  • If winnings cannot be awarded for any reason they will go back into the Giveaway pool for a later date and you will forfeit your winnings. No whining if this happens and it is your own fault or the fault of the MS store etc


Gear up with two new Weapons for new high-level Alerts!

The Chimera Update brings the new Arbitrations: Lethal Alert system, the new Daily Tribute 2.0, new Precepts and more.


The Arbiters of Hexis have a new challenge for you, Tenno. Complete their Arbitrations, and they’ll reward you in kind.

After completing the Star Chart, you’ll unlock a new Mission Type called Arbitrations. Survive against Level 60+ enemies to earn new rewards and bigger payouts than normal Alerts. These Alerts rotate between endless Missions around the Star Chart every hour. But there’s a catch — you only get one life. No Revives. You die, and that’s it. These Alerts also add a few other wrinkles to the gameplay, but we’ll let you discover those on your own.

In addition to bigger reward payouts, completing these Alerts will also give you Vitus Essence, a Resource used to build new cosmetic items. Seek out the Arbiters in the Relay to learn more.


We’ve updated our Daily Login System to give you more choice and more appropriate reward scaling as you delve deeper into the game.

On major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000), you’re now given up to three choices! For example, when you reach a Primed Mod Milestone, you’re given a choice between three different Primed Mods rather than the static, singular choice in the old system.

The Milestone categories are:

– Sigils and Resources: Days 50, 150, 250, etc.
– Primed Mods: Days 200, 400, 600, etc.
– Weapons: Days 100, 300, 500, etc.

The next time you reach a given Milestone category, you’ll see a new item appear in place of what you’ve already chosen (if applicable).

Daily Tribute Reward Scaling
Rewards on non-Milestone Days now scale based on the amount of days you’ve logged on. For example, on Day 1, you could get one Tellurium, but on Day 1000, you could get six Tellurium! This applies to Credits, Endo, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics and Forma Blueprints.

Starting at Day 1050, you’ll receive Evergreen Milestones with three rewards to choose from. These are rotated every 50 Days though the following options:

Evergreen Choices A (choose one):
– 3 x Forma
– 3 x Exilus Adapter
– 4 x Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B (choose one):
– 50,000 Kuva
– 30,000 Endo
– 7-Day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)

Evergreen Choices C (choose one):
– 3 x Rifle Riven
– 3 x Melee Riven
– 3 x Secondary Riven


Tenno, we’re floored by your incredible Dojo works of art. To aid in your conquest of the Dojo artform, we’ve created a massive Sandbox Room for you to dream big! Think of this room as a blank canvas to work with. You could create a bustling Arcade, build an Ayatan dragon, craft a shrine to Rhino Prime — whatever you want to make, you can make it here! We’ve also added 41 new effects (like falling leaves, flies and sparks) and seven new structural decorations to help bring your artistic vision to life.

Speaking of artistic vision, we’re hosting a Dojo Decoration Contest! You could win an exclusive Trophy for your Clan, and even better, your Dojo could be featured on the Star Chart for everyone to visit! Visit the official contest thread for more details.


Bring your enemies to heel with these new Weapons and Customizations:

A two-pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim.

Carve through enemies with surgical precision using this Corpus-tech glaive.

Zastra Dual Dagger Skin
Artistry meets lethality with this elegant dagger skin.

Kludgekil Machete Skin
Bludgeon, hack, and maim with this improvised machete skin fashioned out of broken Grineer weapons.


Unlock these new tiles for your next Fashion Frame photoshoot:

– Silver Grove Shrine Scene (New Loka): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing The Silver Grove Quest
– Lua Containment Scene (Arbiters of Hexis): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing The Sacrifice Quest
– Hunhow’s Chamber Scene (Red Veil): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing The Second Dream Quest
– Kuva Throne Scene (Steel Meridian): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing The War Within Quest
– Mycona Colony Scene (Perrin Sequence): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing The Glast Gambit Quest
– Chamber of the Lotus Scene (Cephalon Suda): Available to purchase with the respective Syndicate after completing the Apostasy Prologue Quest
– Sanctuary Conduit Scene (Cephalon Simaris): Available to purchase from Cephalon Simaris

Sentinel Precepts
Upgrade your Sentinel Companions with these powerful new Precepts:

Shade – Ambush: When Ghost invisibility is broken, Shade’s owner is granted 120% Damage for three seconds.
Dethcube – Energy Generator: Dethcube drops an Energy Orb after assisting in 10 kills.

This update also includes a new Gear Wheel system, Mastery Rank 26 and more! For the full list of changes, check out our Patch Notes on the Official Warframe Forums.

Fortuna is coming, Tenno. Stay tuned.


Excalibur Umbra Limited-Edition Collector’s Statue
This limited-edition statue depicts Excalibur Umbra, the tortured Warframe at the heart of The Sacrifice, on the prowl with his signature Nikana in hand. Created in partnership with Happy Worker Toys, the 9” statue is crafted from high-quality polyresin, meticulously cast and hand-painted. As an added bonus, every Umbra Collector’s Statue includes a code for an Excalibur Umbra Noggle for your Orbiter and 170 Platinum!

Vitruvian Limited-Edition T-Shirt
Honor the Sacrifice with this limited edition T-shirt. This Vitruvian-inspired T-shirt is premium quality, cut and sewn, and made with 100% polyester.

The Sacrifice Limited Edition Collection 
Take away the pain with the limited-edition Sacrifice Collection. Includes the Excalibur Umbra Collector’s Statue, the limited-edition Vitruvian T-shirt and the in-game code for an Excalibur Umbra Noggle and 170 Platinum. Purchase these items in the bundle and save!

The Sacrifice merchandise is only available to purchase until November 9, so get yours today before it’s too late! Click here to pre-order your Sacrifice collector’s items now!

These items are expected to ship in late March, 2019. Please note that if you add any additional items in the Official Warframe Store to your order, they will also ship in early 2019. Final product details may change from the images shown.