XB1 Empyrean: Hotfixes

Hotfix: 1

  • Fixed various context actions displaying the wrong Button prompt/callout.
  • Fixed free cursor Piloting on controller to be more standard flight model.
  • Fixed Crewships being spawned as Tenno Faction, which resulted in numerous issues such as not attacking you, Fighters attacking it instead, and Railjack Turrets not doing any damage to it. This also fixes a fatal crash related to this bug.


Hotfix: 2

  • Fixed failing a Railjack mission while Piloting an enemy Crewship resulting in becoming stuck on a black screen with no indication of loading.
    • Please note we’re working on a fix for Clients still experiencing this.
  • Fixed missing controller key callouts on the Railjack Tactical Menu. You may notice no callout at all, which means the Tactical Menu is not bound to anything and you must bind it first.
  • Fixed Ivara Prime Access and Ivara Prime Accessories having an infinite ‘Please Wait’ in in-game Market.
  • Fixed [PH] text when attempting to Upgrade Grid slots or Avionics Mods.

Hotfix: 3

This Hotfix is bringing in some behind the scenes goods to be revealed at a later date! We are still building for a bigger Update that will bring many Railjack changes and fixes, thank you!


  • Added long requested Wisp Walk, Run, and Sprint movement to Melee weapons, and fixed her movement when equipped with the Shedu.
    • Fixes for weapon hand positions, walking animations, and t-posing issues related to this change from PC’s 27.0.10 – .11 will be coming in a future update! 



  • Tenebrous Ephemera Removal and Future Acquisition: 
    • TEMPORARILY removed the Tenebrous Ephemera as a drop from Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in Veil Proxima. The drop method is causing numerous issues in terms of connectivity stability and player frustration. We’re going to be changing the acquisition method that won’t involve a direct drop rate in a near future Hotfix/Update, and will instead be closer to a token system (complete X Anomaly missions to buy Ephemera from a vendor).
      • The Tenebrous Ephemera will be coming back as soon as possible in a better acquisition method
  • Made performance improvements to Vauban’s Flechette Orb projectile FX.


  • Fixed the ‘Hijacked’ Grineer Crewship spawning inside geometry.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in an infinite loading tunnel when launching Railjack missions from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed getting a mini Grineer Hacking Panel UI that is unhackable if the hack is canceled upon hitting the context action.
  • Fixed purchased Warframe skins still appearing as available for purchase in the Arsenal.