Warframe changes coming soon!

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2020’s First Mainline: Review, Revise, Refresh. 

Operation Scarlet Spear is coming this March, and it’s bringing a massive Lore Event that introduces ‘Squad Link’ – now known as ‘Operation Link’. Scarlet Spear will move the stakes of the world forward with a new cinematic. Prepare yourselves, Tenno. The Sentient threat is deploying forces that the Origin System has not seen since the Old War. It will be the first of Warframe’s many major Content expansions this year. But before we dive into the new Scarlet Spear’s launch we’re bringing some of the biggest revisions to Warframe to date. In this (extremely long) Workshop, we are covering a broad variety of topics that are all receiving focused Overhauls or ‘Quality of Life’ improvements.

We were originally going to ship the contents of this Workshop with Scarlet Spear, but have decoupled the changes so you would have time to experience the revisions. We are targeting a release early next week on PC. After we’ve iterated on the revisions, you’ll jump into the biggest Operation in Warframe’s history: Scarlet Spear. Here is your guide for navigating what matters to you in this 20 part Dev Workshop!

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