Look, you were the second wave, kid. The Necramechs were Void-shielded, Sentient-pulse immune… as bright as a bag of hammers and just as dependable. Not like you.

The Necramechs are Entrati war machines encountered on the ruins of Cambion DriftDeimos. They are heavily armored bipedal war machines built during The Old War as a predecessor to Warframes, though they were far less intelligent. The Tenno are capable of accessing these Old War relics using their Transference, and can deploy them in Landscapes.


Necramechs can be operated by an Operator (which requires completion of The War Within) via Transference, whether they are found inactive in the fields of the Cambion Drift during Fass or owned by the player. An Operator only needs to initiate Transference (default 5 ) when near an operational inactive Necramech in order to board them. Necramech wreckage eligible for Transference can be identified by a blue aura emanating from them. These Necramechs will only have Rank 0 base stats with no mods, though they will have all of their abilities at max rank, and use an unmodded Mausolon.png Mausolon as their default weapon.

Players can craft their own Necramechs through the Necraloid Syndicate. A built Necramech takes up one Necramech slot. Players start out with four Necramech slots by default and more can be purchased from the Market for Platinum64.png20 each. Alternatively, pre-built Necramechs can be bought from the Market for Platinum64.png375, which comes with a free pre-installed Orokin Reactor and a Necramech slot.

Player-owned Necramechs have customizable livery and can be equipped with various Necramech-exclusive Mods to enhance their abilities. A Necramech Summon Gear is automatically given to the player upon acquiring their first Necramech, which allows players to summon the Necramech for use on any open-world Landscape (Cambion DriftPlains of Eidolon, and Orb Vallis). The Necramech Summon Gear has a 3 minute cooldown before it can be used again if the Necramech is destroyed, and a 10-second cooldown if the Necramech is still active.



Mobility and Control

Necramechs are capable of walking, jumping (default Space ), and slide dashing (default tap Shift  + any directional key). For more advanced maneuvers, the Necramechs have an Engine gauge denoting fuel, which is consumed when performing its unique movement techniques, and naturally replenishes if the Necramech is standing still or using standard movement (it will not replenish however during falling from heights). Sprinting (default holding Shift ) also consumes the Engine gauge.

The Necramech has two advanced maneuvers unique to it:

  • Slide: Necramechs can perform a slide (default tapping and hold Shift ) which propels it at high speed towards its current heading.
    • It can be steered by the directional keys (default A  to turn left and D  to turn right), though turning radius while sliding is significantly widened.
    • Sliding ragdolls and damages enemies in its path, and also breaks any destructible environmental objects like loot crates.
    • Sliding can be maintained for as long as the Necramech has Engine fuel, and will only stop if the gauge is depleted, the sprint key is pressed, or the Necramech performs another maneuver like jumping. At the end of the slide (either through intentional stop or running out of fuel) while on the ground a forced recovery stomping animation will play out, resulting in an unavoidable moment of unresponsiveness of about 2 seconds. Despite the forceful appearance this animation does not deal any additional damage.
    • While the animation for the slide results in the Necramech lowering its height significantly, its actual collision model does not change and thus still unable to pass through “standard size” doorways.
  • Hover: While in mid-air either from jumping or falling from heights, Necramechs can activate their flight thrusters while aiming (default hold Mouse 2  while airborne), making it hover which drastically slows down their rate of descent.
    • While hovering, the Necramech can move in any direction using the directional keys allowing it to fly across short distances. Necramechs also retain any forward momentum from ground movement when hovering, thus additional speed can be attained by sprinting then jumping into a hover. The flight thrusters only slows the Necramech’s rate of descent, so it gradually loses altitude even if the thrusters are still active.
    • Also crouching and sprinting can be used while hovering to speed up/slow down the directional movement.
    • Hovering can be performed as long as the Necramech has Engine fuel, and the thrusters will shut off if the gauge is depleted, the jump key is released, or the mech’s feet makes contact with a passable surface.

Once the Fuel gauge has been depleted down to the last 5% remaining, a soft warning beeping sound will play until the Fuel recovery has kicked in.

Necramechs can crouch (default holding Ctrl ), but only while stationary and cannot crawl; combining crouch with movement will result in a slower walk with the Necramech maintaining its standing height. Likewise shooting and/or aiming while crouched will cancel out and force them to stand up for the action.

Despite their tall height, Necramechs are capable of walking through small passageways and doors that would seemingly not support their size, causing their helmets to scrape against the ceiling.

Necramechs have an innate 6 meter Mod TT 20px.pngVacuum-like effect that draws in pickups.

Necramechs are unable to interact with objects that require the Use key (default X ), thus they are unable to hack consoles, carry objective items, grab pickups like Ayatan Stars, and revive allies.

Controlling the Necramech requires the Operator to Transference out of the Warframe. If Transference is used while the Warframe and Necramech are right next to each other or are aimed at from a distance, the player can swap between them without going into the Operator. If the Necramech is unpiloted, it becomes invulnerable to damage from all sources.


Necramechs come with 4 abilities unique to each chassis, and like Warframes require Energy to use. For their primary weapons, Necramechs can be armed with any Arch-gun even if it doesn’t have a Gravimag installed, with regenerating ammo. They do not have an equippable melee weapon, instead using arm swipes and aerial ground slams, both of which can powerfully ragdoll enemies. Necramechs are able to fire their weapons and perform abilities that can be used in mid-air while hovering.

Necramechs are immune to knockdownsstaggers, and Status Effects and they cannot be affected by special enemy incapacitation abilities such as the Deimos Tendril Drone‘s latching attack. However, they are affected by the energy residue left by Vome and Fass as well as Leech Eximus’ energy drain and they are being slowed by Arctic Eximus and Nox‘s sludges.

Warframe abilities cannot directly affect a Necramech, however they can still make use of abilities such as ElectricShield130xDark.png Electric Shield and shoot through it for additional damage, or utilize cover abilities such as SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe to avoid enemy fire. They are affected by allied unit effects however, such as gaining bonus shields from Shield Ospreys and damage resistance from Ancient Healers, either in Specter form or spawned/turned friendly through Warframe abilities.

Necramechs can replenish energy from Energy Orbs dropped from enemies, the environment, or from Warframe abilities (such as EmberIcon272.png Ember‘s Mod TT 20px.pngExothermic augment, GaraIcon272.png Gara‘s Mod TT 20px.pngSpectrosiphon augment, HildrynIcon272.png Hildryn‘s AegisStorm130xDark.png Aegis StormProteaIcon272.png Protea‘s Dispensary130xDark.png Dispensary, or TrinityIcon272.png Trinity‘s Mod TT 20px.pngPool of Life augment), but cannot be energized directly by Warframe abilities (such as TrinityIcon272.png Trinity‘s EnergyVampire130xDark.png Energy Vampire) or consumables like Energy Restores. Necramechs have no self-repair capability (with the exception of Mod TT 20px.pngNecramech Repair and Bonewidow‘s Meathook), and cannot pick up Health Orbs or use Health Restores to restore damage.

They can be repaired using:

They do not benefit from:

Ranking and Moddingedit | edit source

The Necramech features 12 mod slots unlike other vehicles (e.g. Archwings or K-Drives). To compensate, each polarization increases its rank by 2 up to a max of 40 after 5 Forma, increasing mod capacity to a total of 80 at rank 40 with an Orokin Reactor installed. Additional polarizations can be added when the Necramech reaches its new max rank at that polarization level. Each additional rank also gives Mastery Rank Experience, giving 8,000 points in total.

Player-built Necramechs can be equipped with the Necramech exclusive mods – See the list below:


Necramechs can have their appearance customized with various skins and helmets. Notably, if a player owns more than one model of Necramech, the helmets from those models can be used on other Necramech models as well (e.g. owning a Bonewidow will allow players to use the Bonewidow helmet on a Voidrig).


Name Description Rarity
Necramech Augur Increases Necramech Ability Energy Cost to Shields by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Aviator Reduces Necramech Damage Taken While Airborne by -X% Common
Necramech Blitz Increases Necramech Slide Attack Damage by +X% Common
Necramech Continuity Increases Necramech Ability Duration by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Deflection Increases Necramech Shield Recharge by +X% Common
Necramech Drift Increases Necramech Hover Efficiency by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Efficiency Increases Necramech Engine Efficiency by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Enemy Sense Increases Necramech Enemy Radar by +Xm Common
Necramech Flow Increases Necramech Energy Max by +X% Rare
Necramech Friction Increases Necramech Slide Efficiency by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Fury Increases Necramech Melee Attack Speed by +X% Common
Necramech Hydraulics Increases Necramech Jump Height by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Intensify Increases Necramech Ability Strength by +X% Rare
Necramech Pressure Point Increases Necramech Melee Damage by +X% Rare
Necramech Rage Increases Necramech Conversion of Damage on Health to Energy by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Reach Increases Necramech Melee Range Common
Necramech Rebuke Increases Necramech Range and Amount of Electric Damage when Shields Depleted by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Redirection Increases Necramech Shield Capacity by +X% Common
Necramech Refuel Increases Necramech Engine Replenishment Speed by +X% Common
Necramech Repair Increases Necramech Amount of Health Restored Over Time After Dropping Below 20% Health by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Seismic Wave Increases Necramech Melee Slam Damage by +X% Rare
Necramech Slipstream Increases Necramech Slide by +X% Common
Necramech Steel Fiber Increases Necramech Armor by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Streamline Increases Necramech Ability Efficiency by +X% Rare
Necramech Stretch Increases Necramech Ability Range by +X% Uncommon
Necramech Thrusters Increases Necramech Engine Max by +X% Rare
Necramech Vitality Increases Necramech Health by +X% Common