Many new players are bit overwhelmed by all the new information to take in when first starting out. It doesn’t really help that within moments of going into Recruit/Trade chat you are flooded with a variety of abbreviations and acronyms which are unclear in meaning. To that end, here’s this!

Devstream – A livestreamed broadcast on Twitch.tv where the developers of Warframe discuss upcoming features for the game.
DoT – Damage over Time. Refers to types of damage which deal damage incrementally rather than one lump sum such as Toxin status effects.
DPS – Damage
Endo – Used for ranking up your Mods. Ayatan Sculptures also fall under this descriptor.
Farm – A common term in many games which refers to repeating an action to acquire a reward.
G3 – The Grustrag Three assassination squad.
Key – A requirement to play a certain game mode.
Meta – Used to describe the commonly used warframes and weapons for a given game mode.
Min/Max – The process of finding or the result of researching the most optimal output. Minimum effort/cost, Maximum reward/gain.
PM – Private Message
PoE – Plains of Eidolon, the open world(ish) area on Earth.
Proc – Programmed Random OCurrence. Refers to in-combat random chance effects, such as status chance effects.
PST – Please Send Tell (aka a request to send a PM, usually in the context of trades).
PvP – Player versus Player (also known as Conclave).
Raid – Also known as Trials. Refers to 8-man end-game content such as The Law of Retribution. This content has been removed from the game.
RNG – Random Number Generator. Often used when talking about chance-based mechanics. Most often used in the context of reward acquisition.
Spam – Depending on the context, it can be meant as excessive messaging or as repeated use. ex. in gameplay, someone might tell a Trinity to “spam 2” which would mean to use your second ability (Energy Vampire) repeatedly.
VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol… aka Voice Chat. There is an in-game option, though this commonly refers to other programs such as Discord.
QoL – Quality of Life. Generally used to refer to changes or suggestions which focus on improving existing parts of a system without changing its core.
XP – Experience – often used as shorthand for Affinity.

CP – Corrosive Projection Aura for removing Armor from enemies (link: wiki page)
CO – Condition Overload melee mod for Status weapons (link: wiki page)
ER – Enemy Radar Aura (link: wiki page)
ES – Energy Siphon Aura for passive Energy generation (link: wiki page)
NT – Natural Talent Warframe mod for faster casting (link: wiki page)
Potato – Orokin Catalysts for weapons and Orokin Reactors for warframes/companions/archwings
QT – Quick Thinking Warframe mod for Energy-based survivability (link: wiki page)
Rejuv – Rejuvenation Aura for Health regeneration (link: wiki page)
Tomato – Exilus Adapters for warframes (link: wiki page)


IPS – Impact, Puncture, and Slash. Innate physical damage types for weapons and some abilities. (link: wiki page)
Blast – The combination of Heat and Cold elements. Knocks down enemies. (link: wiki page)
Corrosive – The combination of Electric and Toxin elements. Reduces enemy armor. (link: wiki page)
Gas – The combination of Heat and Toxin elements. Applies damage over time. (link: wiki page)
Magnetic – The combination of Cold and Electric elements. Reduces current and maximum shields. (link: wiki page)
Radiation – The combination of Heat and Electric elements. Reduces accuracy and applies Confusion. (link: wiki page)
Viral – The combination of Cold and Toxin elements. Temporarily reduces enemy health to 50%. (link: wiki page)
Dual Mods – Refers to mods which originally came out as rewards for Events. Dual mods specifically refer to the mods which have both Elemental Damage and Status Chance.


LF – Looking For
LFG – Looking For Group. Generally posted by a player looking to join a group.
LFM – Looking for More. LF#M – Where # is replaced by the quantity of players the host is looking for. For example, LF2M would mean they are Looking For 2 More.
H – Hosting

Camp – Refers to having a specific squad composition of Warframes to farm a mission. A camp is different from most groups because the idea is you will not move from one place for the duration of the mission.
Farm – Repeating a mission type to pursue a desired reward.
Key (or Relic) Share – A group set up to run the same mission multiple times where each player uses a key to activate the mission one after the other such as the Mutalist Alad V Assasination mission which requires a special key. An example of Relic Sharing would be a “radshare” in which all players in a squad upgrade their Void Relic to Radiant quality.
Speed Run – Refers to a way in which a mission is completed. A Speed Run ignores all combat and optional objectives in order to complete the primary mission objective as fast as possible.
Taxi – Someone that can grant access to a mission you have not yet unlocked on your Star Chart. Generally used for Alerts and Invasions.

Buffer – A role for a squad which is meant to improve the group’s damage with an ability. Examples of this would be Rhino’s Roar, Equinox’s Provoke, Mirage’s augmented Total Eclipse, or warframes with augmented elemental buffs such as Frost’s augmented Freeze Force.
Leech – Referred to as someone that does not contribute to combat in gameplay. Though it does have a derogatory connotation, there are a few instances where leeches are welcome in order to fulfill non-combat objectives or increase quantity of enemy spawns.

A – Assassination
C / Cap – Capture
D / Def – Defense
E / Ext – Exterminate
I / Int – Interception
MD / mdef – Mobile Defense
Sab – Sabotage
S / Surv – Survival
LS – Life Support (which spawn in Survival)
NM – Nightmare mission variant. Rewards special mods on mission completion. (link: wiki page)
Raid – Trial missions such as LoR and JV Removed from the game
LoR – The Law of Retribution Trial (link: wiki page) Removed from the game
JV – The Jordas Verdict Trial (link: wiki page) Removed from the game
Relic / Fissure – Missions in which Void Relics are used to acquire Prime equipment and Void Traces.
OD – Orokin Derelict (link: wiki page)

OD(x) – Where (x) is substituted with a mission type.
ODA – Orokin Derelict Assassination
ODD – Orokin Derelict Defense
ODS – Orokin Derelict Survival (very rarely used for Orokin Derelict Sabotage)
ODSab – Orokin Derelict Sabotage
ODV or Vault– Orokin Derelict Vault. A special challenge reward for using Dragon Keys on Orokin Derelict Missions. Vault runs are typically done on OD Exterminate or OD Capture missions.

DSD – Dark Sector Defense
DSS – Dark Sector Survival
Akkad – Popular Dark Sector Defense on Eris used for Credit and sometimes Affinity farming.
Hieracon – Popular Dark Sector Excavation on Pluto used for Endo and Relic farming.
Hydron – Popular Grineer Defense mission on Sedna used for Affinity farming.
Bere / Berehynia – Popular Grineer Interception mission on Sedna used for Affinity farming.

WTB – Want to Buy
WTS – Want to Sell
LF – Looking For
H – Have
W – Want
WTT – Want to Trade
PC – Price Check
PMO – Private Message with Offer
P / PL / Plat – Platinum