Clan Members Only! Chroma Prime Access Giveaway

  • Running for the next 7 days – Here are the special requirements to win
  • Yep – Breathing and logging in for a daily is not going to work for this one
  • Must be active and logging in often – The more often the better – Daily is best with actual time playing the game
  • Must have contributed to the clan during the 7 Day run of this contest
  • Must be a member in good standing and actively helping to fill the needs of the clan and it’s members
  • Winner will be determined by Giveaway Bot and also approved by clan Warlord and Mods
  • Must be a member of our discord
  • If winnings cannot be awarded for any reason they will go back into the Giveaway pool for a later date and you will forfeit your winnings. No whining if this happens and it is your own fault or the fault of the MS store etc