Xbox One Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.4 Status (In Cert!)


Thursday, September 12th Update: 

Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.4… like Gauss… Has speedily made its way into Cert! This thread will be updated once we have passed with an official launch date.

Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.4 is in development and aimed to be submitted to Cert this week! This thread will be updated once we have.

Go go Gauss! Our 41st Warframe will be making its way to you soon, along with six new Disruption Mode missions with new Rewards, and Harrow’s Reliquary Collection just in time for those of you who are already celebrating October’s arrival. With 30 pages of update notes, you can expect that and more since we’ve included everything from PC’s Update 25.6.1 to Hotfix

The total download size will be posted when we’ve sent to cert!

Managed to get this number sooner! Since this update includes Mainline Update 25.7.0 (a large and in charge update!), the total download size will be roughly 2.9 GB. 

With that said, let’s get into what you can expect in Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.4:


Moving Gauss increases the speed gauge, which in turn increases his shield recharge rate.

Burst into a hyper-sprint bowling over enemies and charging the battery. Crashing into solid objects generates a powerful shockwave. Hold to rush continuously.

Generate armor plating that converts a portion of absorbed Kinetic Damage into Energy. Also protects Gauss from being staggered or knocked down. Damage Resistance is relative to battery level.

Siphon kinetic energy from the area, charging the battery and inflicting Cold Status on nearby enemies. Hold reverses the process, draining the battery and inflicting Heat Status on nearby enemies.

Push Gauss’ battery beyond the redline, supercharging his Abilities and setting Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Holster Rate into overdrive. When past the redline, bolts of arcing electricity dance periodically from Gauss, exploding en masse when the ability is deactivated.


  • GAUSS: High speed, low drag — Gauss is turbo-charged and ready for rapid engagement.
  • ACCELTRA: Using a barrage of rapid-fire plasma rockets, Gauss’ signature weapon lays down a path of destruction. Reloads are faster while sprinting, even more so in Gauss’ hands. For safety, rockets arm after traveling safe distance.
    • Acceltra can equip Rifle Ammo Mutation Mod!
  • AKARIUS: Bombard legions of enemies with target seeking rockets. These dual launchers reload faster while sprinting, even more so in Gauss’ hands. Rockets arm after reaching a safe distance.
  • GAUSS MAG ALT HELMET: A uniquely-styled alternate helmet for Gauss.
  • ALTRA SYANDANA: Sleek and streamlined, Gauss’ signature Syandana is sure to turn heads as you speed by!


A shattered being bound by Void and will. Includes the Harrow Reliquary Skin, Renuntio Speargun Skin and Etheria Armor Set.

NOTE: New Nodes will be added which means to be eligible for Arbitrations, you must complete them!

We are bringing you 6 more locations of varying difficulty throughout the Origin System to play this game mode – with new rewards throughout! Each will feature new Debuffs appropriate for their setting, from Moonquakes to Ghoul Graves!

Expand the spoilers below to learn more about each new location, their rewards, and more! 

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Grineer Settlement – Mars, Olympus

  • Will you be able to stop Grineer Ghouls before it’s too late? This will be a new player’s first encounter with Disruption, and it’s balanced accordingly.
  • Moved Olympus mobile defense from Mars Olympus to Tharsis to replace ice planet Hijack.

Corpus Outpost – Neptune, Laomedeia

  • Expect higher-than-usual Credit Rewards from this Endless mode. While it may not be a perfect competition for the Index, it’ll be a change of pace for those looking to get some Credits with a change of scenery.
  • The new ‘Universal Syndicate Medallion’ can also be found in Disruption here!
  • Moved Spy mission on Neptune Laomedeia to Nereid on the main path.
  • Replaced Spy mission on Laomedeia with Disruption since it’s off the main path (ice planet hijack gets removed in the process as it has Jupiter in its skybox).

Grineer Galleon – Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)

  • If you’re looking for how to earn Gauss, he can be earned here on Sedna’s Disruption mode!
  • The new ‘Universal Syndicate Medallion’ can also be found in Disruption here!
  • Moved Sabotage from Kelpie to Rusalka to replace Capture

Grineer Galleon – Uranus, Ur (Infested)

  • Take on the endless swarms of Infested in Disruption, including a sneak peak at a new enemy! Here you’ll find Gauss’s Signature Weapon Blueprints for the ACCELTRA and AKARIUS on Infested Demolyst Agents!
  • The new ‘Universal Syndicate Medallion’ can also be found in Disruption here!

Grineer Kuva Fortress – Kuva Fortress, Tamu

  • The Kuva Fortress has a new endless mode! Here you’ll be able to earn Kuva in a new way! First – the mission reward tables themselves. This is of course the obvious choice, but as we developed these tables we know the fact that Boosters don’t work on them is an issue. So we’ve also added Kuva to the Grineer Demolysts that aim to destroy the Conduits of Kuva Disruption! The new ‘Universal Syndicate Medallion’ can also be found in Disruption here!
  • Moved defense from Fortress Tamu to Nabuk to replace Capture

Lua – Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

  • A new node has been added on Lua featuring Disruption revisit your past for a chance to earn Somatic Fibres, a necessary component in Lua Lens construction!
  • The new ‘Universal Syndicate Medallion’ can also be found in Disruption here!
  • Disruption has also been added as a possible mission type for Void Fissures, Sorties, Syndicate missions, and more!

General Disruption Notes/Changes: 

  • Disruption Arbitration requires 8 completed Conduits to extract.
  • Rewards are given every other round: 4 Conduits per Round = 2 Rounds to extract as intended.
  • Joining a Disruption mission in progress will lock when either 2 Conduits are completed or 1 Conduit has failed, as opposed to locking after 1 Conduit is completed/failed.
  • Changes to reduce marker clutter:
    • Markers only show for active Conduits or if a player has picked up a Conduit key for it.
    • One marker will always be shown if there are no active Conduits and no Conduit Keys picked up.
    • Conduit Keys on the ground for a matching Conduit will be removed as soon as it is activated.



A new Focus Lens found only on Lua Disruption which allows you even greater Focus conversion!


This mysterious item is accepted by all eligible Syndicates to give you 1,000 Standing. If you’re lucky enough to find one in Disruption, you’ll be able to gain favour with any of the core 6 Syndicates (Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, New Loka, Red Veil, Perrin Sequence)! You will also be able to use it with Quills, Vox Solaris, Ostron, Solaris United, Ventkids, and Simaris.

As mentioned in Hotfix 25.7.4, after some internal discussion and player feedback, we decided against allowing the Universal Medallion to apply to Conclave. It didn’t feel right to add a PvE path for a PvP gamemode, especially towards those you have actively played Conclave to get their Standing.

We are starting small with this item as it has potential for a large impact on various economy elements that we want to carefully measure, but expect iteration and larger versions of these for rewards! Anything from special Alerts featuring multiple, future drop tables, and more!

Making its debut as a Blueprint in Arbitrations, we will be adding AURA FORMA to the Market for Platinum. You will be able to buy 1 (80 Platinum) or a bundle of 3 at a discounted Platinum Price (150 Platinum).


  • Your total max Riven Slots will be bumped up from 120 (up from 90)! Should you wish to purchase more Slots, you may do so once the update is live (up to 120)!
  • Companion Weapon Rivens are coming to Simaris’ Offerings for Standing (The War Within completion required), and yes, this includes the Artax!
  • The follow Riven challenges now count towards Sentinel kills:
    • Kill X enemies
    • Kill X enemies that are on a dropship
    • Kill X enemies in a row while wall dashing/clinging without touching the ground


With the launch of Orb Vallis, we added Bounty Bonuses as a way to reward players who went above and beyond to complete their missions. It’s about time that new system was extended to Plains Bounties as well!

All normal Plains of Eidolon Bounties have Bonus Objectives, meaning you will receive extra rewards for performing well:

  • Assassinate: Draw out the target within X minutes.
  • Caches: Complete within X minutes.
  • Capture: Complete without killing an enemy.
  • Defend the Area: Keep the control level above X%.
  • Exterminate: Complete within X minutes.
  • Hijack Drone: Keep drone health above X%.
  • Rescue: Keep rescue target health above X%.
  • Sabotage: Kill X enemies.
  • Armored Vault: Keep the Vault health above X%.


We PSA’d back in July this year that a Friends List Cap was in the works, and the unlimited friends bottle will be corked with this update. If you have more than 1000 friends, they will all stay on your list, you simply won’t be able to add any more.

For those of you with sizeable friends lists, we have added a few management tools to help whittle down the numbers, if you so wish:

  • Added batch remove option for friends who have been inactive for one, three, six, or twelve months. You will have to type in “Batch remove” as additional confirmation, so you don’t accidentally Thanos snap your friends list.
  • Added “Exclude Clan Members” toggle to the batch removal screen.
  • Added manual “Skip These Friends” text box to the batch removal screen.



MOD LINK! Instantly share the way you play in Chat with MOD LINK! By selecting the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Modding screen, your active Chat window will be instantly populated with your build.


LOOK LINK! Instantly share the way you look in Chat with LOOK LINK! By selecting the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Arsenal>Appearance screen, your active Chat window will be instantly populated with appearance loadout.

  • We also moved the Captura button on the Appearance screen to the upper right-hand corner and updated the icon to better match the Look Link style.



All Shawzin purchases once the update is live will come with a free ‘Shawzin’ Emote that you can equip to play your signature instrument! Those who have already purchased the Shawzin will retroactively have the Emote. With over half a dozen Scales, 3 frets and 3 strings, your song opportunities are endless. We cannot WAIT to see what you all come up with!

3 new Shawzin Decorations are also coming to the market with a different flair:

  • MIMICA SHAWZIN – custom colour Shawzin! This Shawzin features an adaptive enamel that senses and mimics the coloring of any musician playing it.
  • DAWN SHAWZIN – Like the morning’s first light, this Shawzin will wake the spirit within.
  • NELUMBO Shawzin – with it’s own sound-pack, it’s completely unique! Including its very own open/close sounds.
  • SHAWZIN has been renamed to DAX SHAWZIN for clarity.

Shawzin music can be heard in Squads and aboard landing crafts. Relays do allow you to play, but you will only hear your music and not your peers.


MOAs, Cetus, and Companions are receiving a touch more player flare. New content designed or inspired by players will be added to Warframe!

The MOAnimation Contest’s winning emote by Zeaban works on all MOAs with an Emotion Module installed! Direct a Boast emote at your companion MOA to check out the new reaction.

The winning Venetian Carnival Contest designs will soon be a part of Nakak’s shop rotation! Keep an eye out at Nakak’s shop once the update is live to obtain the majestic Norg Mask designed by Roimonstre and the beautiful Mother’s Mask designed by HUMERONYMUS.

You will soon be able to purchase the Prized Companion Skin Pack in the in-game Market! The pack includes both winning skins from the Tenno’s Best Friend contest: the Heino Kubrow Skin based on Skvirl’s dog and the Deaelra Kavat Skin based on DeaeIra’s cat!


Does your love for Infested Aesthetic spread through your being like a festering disease? Soon you’ll be able to craft and get your hands — or hand-like appendages — on Infested Dojo pieces that would make Lephantis wriggle with pride.


  • Added 26 new Warframe Ability Tips in the Ability screen based on community submissions from the official Play Warframe’s #tenno-brainstorm Discord channel! Thank you to all those who participated and shared their knowledge.
  • Also edited several existing Warframe Ability Tips and replaced some of the tips on Augment Mods with new ones that focus on core ability features.
  • Added tips to the following screens! Simply hover over the tooltip icon to learn more about:
    • Nightwave
    • Loadouts
    • Syndicates
    • Relic Manager
    • Inventory
  • In Update 25.6.0, we released the Essential Glyphs Bundle inspired by the Random Mod Packs’ iconography. Well, since then you’ve been telling us you want more! So here we are with the “Essential Glyph Bundle 2” to complete this series of Elemental Damage Glyphs. It includes the following six designs that you can purchase from the in-game Market once the update is live!
  • Added the ability to replay the following Quests:
    • Natah
    • Saya’s Vigil
    • The Jordas Precept
    • Patient Zero
    • The Silver Grove
    • The Archwing
    • Howl of the Kubrow
  • Added Clan Room and Decoration XP to the Research tab on Clan Statistics Page. This will help you identify missing affinity if you are close to your next Rank!
  • Added minimap markers to important NPCs in Iron Wake.
  • Added a Vintage Corpus Locker Decoration to the Market.
  • Added Eidolon Lenses to the in-game Market!
  • Added a new ‘Dark Lotus’ UI Theme and Background! You can find it under Interface > UI Customization.
  • Orokin Grineer will have a unique looking grenade!
  • Added a ‘Recovered Artifacts’ section to Simaris’ Offerings.
  • Added Arsenal Ability videos for Chroma, Equinox, and Nezha!
  • Added Arsenal Ability videos for Atlas.
  • Searching for combined elements (Radiation, Magnetic, etc.) in your Upgrade and Mod menus will pull up the base element mods that can be combined to make that element!


As part of the new rendering tech we showcased during TennoLive, we’ve implemented a few upgrades! Metallic surfaces, such as gold and steel (etc), will be improved across the whole game to respond better to lights and reflections. This boasts the detail and depth that were always there but hard to see.

This update includes all of the changes and fixes that went live after Update 25.7.0 launched on PC to improve the areas that were affected by the initial changes. Including but not limited to issues with ‘dull looking metal’ and emissive colors on Warframes not working, etc.

Please keep in mind that even though rendering is more accurate/consistent now thanks to these hotfixes, some legacy materials could still suffer. Let us know if you spot something funky once the update is live.


When tracking down a bug why Paris Bows were doing less Damage than their Arsenal stats indicated, internal stats were reporting all Bows doing more damage than they actually were. Below is a review of all Bows (with the exception of the Lenz) and increased stats where appropriate.

Expand the spoilers to see the full list of changes! 

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General Changes:

  • Normalized quick shots to have the same critical chance/damage and status chance as charged shots.
  • While reviewing Bow stats the team has also refreshed all their FX (including the Lenz)!

Specific Changes:


  • Quick Shot increased from 110 to 190
  • Charged Shot increased from 220 to 380
  • Flight Speed increased from 85 to 90
  • Aim Zoom decreased from 2.23x to 2x

Mutalist Cernos

  • Quick Shot increased from 120 to 205
  • Charged Shot increased from 225 to 410
  • Aim Zoom decreased from 2.23x to 2x

Cernos Prime

  • Quick Shot increased from 60 to 92
  • Charged Shot increased from 120 to 184
  • Flight Speed increased from 85 to 95
  • Tightened the spread of the vertical fire mode and made the top arrow land on the reticle instead of the middle

Rakta Cernos

  • Quick Shot increased from 150 to 235
  • Charged Shot increased from 250 to 470


  • Status Chance decreased from 50% to 46%
  • Critical Chance increased from 20% to 34%
  • Charged Shot increased from 460 to 700
  • Flight Speed increased from 135 to 140


  • Quick Shot increased from 130 to 168
  • Charged Shot increased from 200 to 336


  • Quick Shot increased from 120 to 160
  • Charged Shot increased from 180 to 320


  • Quick Shot increased from 100 to 115
  • Charged Shot increased from 120 to 230

Paris Prime

  • Quick Shot increased from 130 to 180
  • Charged Shot increased from 260 to 360
  • Flight Speed increased from 85 to 95



  • In order to avoid spoilers, Nightwave Acts that require completing content tied to Quests will be locked unless you have completed the related Quest. Locked Acts will point you to the Quest required to complete in order to unlock it. The following Acts will see this change:
    • “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, complete Kuva Siphon Missions, will require The War Within Quest be completed.
    • “Ascendant”, complete Halls of Ascension on Lua, will require The Second Dream Quest be completed.
    • “Grove Guardian”, kill Silver Grove Specters, will require The Silver Grove Quest be completed.
  • Catch-up Acts will appear once you have less than 3 current-weekly Acts left to complete, as opposed to only appearing once you’ve completed the whole current week.
  • Changed Nightwave Act progress/requirement number format (1500 to 1,500).
  • Changed the Thumper Nightwave Challenge range being only 50 meters, made it a more generous 200 meters to prevent issues.


Expand the spoilers below for the full list of changes! 

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  • The New Strange UI Changes:
    • Added Objective text, “Return to the Derelict” to the mission.
    • Added Objective text, “Visit Cephalon Simaris” to match the existing marker when the player arrives in the Relay and enhanced the distance display on the marker.
    • Added Object text, “Return to Orbiter” after talking to Simaris.
    • Added a marker after talking to Simaris that guides players to their docked Liset in the hangar.
    • Updated wording for the Arid Lancer Synthesis stage.
    • Added a marker to all nodes on Mars where Arid Lancer targets can be found instead of just one.
    • Changed the “Return to Orbiter” marker to an Extraction marker.
    • Added “Return to Orbiter” and “Return to Simaris” Objectives to the fifth quest stage.
    • Added two new markers and hint text that presents the option to run the Synthesis tutorial and obtain Synthesis Scanners and Traps.
  • Lua Spy Mission Changes:
    • Added shiny overlay to destroyable loot crates and made the surrounding glass more transparent.
    • Updated door materials to be consistent with other updated doors.
    • Slowed the music memory puzzle to reduce difficulty.
  • Wukong Samadhi Skin Changes:
    • Made some texture/material changes to the Wukong Samadhi Skin to reduce the amount of ‘sparkling’.
    • Improved the tintable area of the Wukong Samadhi Skin tail, as it appeared as a more grey tone instead of a fuller dark black tone as intended.
  • Loadout Screen Changes:
    • Added outline and backer to the “Add Glyph” icon on the loadout screen.
    • Default sort will soon be by Name, previous default has been renamed to ‘Date Added’.
    • Removed the Loadout Options button from the Arsenal. Simply select the Loadout name to open up the Loadout screen!
  • Increased drop rate of Toroids from 1.1% to 2%.
  • Improvements towards AI pathfinding, maneuvering, and orientation in the Grineer Sealab, Grineer Forest Defense, and Gas City tilesets across all missions.
  • Tweaked the Redeemer and Redeemer Primes equipped position so it sits more in Warframes’ hand.
  • Reduced Status Effect light FX intensity further to compensate for stacking procs (Gas multiprocs, etc.)
  • If you freeze enemies with things like Frost, Atlas, or Gara’s abilities, you can soon immediately apply other Status Effects! Before these powers would prevent Status Effects from being added.
  • Removed the retired Deception gamemode from the Codex ‘Missions’ setting.
  • Captura Scenes will be able to be be linked in Chat!
  • Revenant will be changed to holding the Tatsu instead of the Galatine in his in-game Market diorama.
  • We’ve updated the Interception HUD style to provide clearer information when a Tower is being captured by you or by enemies.
  • Updated the following Warframe Ability Descriptions to better explain the Ability. Below are the latest edits:
    • Equinox’s Mend and Maim: “In Night-Form, allies’ Shields are replenished with each nearby enemy killed. In Day-Form, enemies are inflicted with the Bleed Status Effect. Deactivate to cast a wave of slashing force, or restore Health and Shields to Equinox and allies in Night Form.”
    • Ivara’s Navigator: “Assume control of any projectile launched by Ivara and guide it to the target”.
    • Nidus’ Parasitic Link: “Bind to a target with parasitic link. When cast on an ally, both the host and Nidus have their Ability Strength increased. Linked enemies take some of the damage inflicted on Nidus.”
  • Adjusted some of the PBR materials on Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in the Navigation skybox.
  • Converted materials on some of the Grineer Forest trees to PBR.
  • The Platinum cost of unowned items will soon display in the item grid when browsing unowned Color Palettes in the Arsenal, UI Customizations, and more!
  • Minor Disruption UI Polish/size changes.
  • Polished UI and Marker flow for Venus Ambush Bounties – namely markers match in-world and made text consistent with proper fictional names (Coildrive). Slightly adjusted console materials and placement for polish.
  • Zephyr’s Tail Wind will soon terminate early if you fly into a wall or similar (similar to Rhino Charge).
  • Defense and Excavation used to use the base node for enemy count scaling, now difficulty properly scales alongside current enemy level – meaning that the higher the enemy level, the more simultaneous enemies you’ll have to face!
  • Updated and fixed animations related to the Quatz clip when reloading and firing.
  • Adjusted color channels on the Galvanik Armor Set, Amphor Syandana, Kavat Amphix Armor, and Kubrow Amphatz Armor.
  • Re-arranged color channel layout of the Provvok Shoulder Guard to match other armor pieces (metals in the accents channel, etc.).
  • Reduced brightness of Incubator light source to better represent the lighting of your furry friends in-mission.
  • Improved lava textures in the Grineer Asteroid tilesets.
  • Standardized Titania’s Tribute buffs to have a base range of 35m and duration of 120s, which acts as a buff in most cases.
  • Updated the icon for miscellaneous Syndicates in the Syndicate screen to match other miscellaneous categories.
  • Reduced Foundry rush cost from 25 to 5 for Detonite Injector, Fieldron, and Mutagen Mass.
  • Converted materials to PBR on the following weapons:
    • Grakata
    • Drakgoon
    • Ignis
    • Miter
    • Sobek
    • Vulkar
    • Karak
    • Grinlock
    • Furax
    • Hind
  • Converted materials to PBR on the following Sentinels (and Skins):
    • Wyrm
    • Para Carrier Skin
    • Shade
    • Shade Sprite Skin
    • Djinn
    • Dethcube
    • Dethcube Forest-Camo Skin
    • Dethcube Carabus Skin
  • Converted materials to PBR on the following Attachments/Items:
    • Capsule Sentinel Tail
    • Dome Sentinel Wings
    • Diamond Sentinel Wings
    • Hunhow Sentinel Mask
    • Mandible Sentinel Mask
    • Thorax Sentinel Tail
    • Chrysalis Sentinel Wings
    • Jet Sentinel Wings
    • Kubrow Sentinel Wings
    • Lotus Sentinel Mask
    • Mech Head Sentinel Mask
    • Para Sentinel Mask, Tail, and Wings
    • Caggro Sugatra
    • Braton Forest-Camo Skin
    • Dragon Nikana Sheath
    • Solaris Datamass
    • Animo Nav Beacon
  • Reduced particle FX on Fluctus’ projectiles.
  • Adjusted appearance of Volt’s Transistor Shield to make it clearer that squadmates can pick it up.
  • Updated Relay door materials to be consistent with other updated doors.
  • New players will soon be able to join Defense missions until the second Wave instead of the fourth Wave to guarantee enough time to collect Reactant during Void Fissure missions.
  • Derelict Survival Missions no longer have electrified water to prevent enemies from slowing down to jump over it
  • Previewing an Operator cosmetic in the Market will show the item as it would appear on the player’s Operator.
  • Updated Loki Incubus Skin and Helmet default accent colours from gold to blue.
  • Improved collision on Jupiter tilesets, making traversal smoother.
  • Removed invisible walls from around the stairs on the Saturn Rescue tileset.
  • Players and allies have invulnerability until the loading screen goes away to prevent players from dying while in the loading screen due to poor connection.
  • Reduced the light intensity of the Arca Plasmor.
  • Changed the Dargyn Bow Riven challenge description to specific that it must be Dargyns in flight, not ones parked on the ground.
  • Mod descriptions will be included when searching in the Mod Trading screen (ie searching Toxin will display Fever Strike, etc).
  • Tweaked an unattractive light in the Relays’ Steel Meridian Syndicate room.
  • Increased the range of the Infested Impedance Mod from 8m to 16m.
  • Reduced bloom in certain Orb Vallis caves that impeded successful fishing.
  • Kyta Raknoid and Coolant Raknoids will be resistant to Abilities rather than immune (still have immunity to Limbo Stasis and Mag Pull). Slash Bleed and Toxin Poison Status Effect will bypass Shields on the Kyta Raknoid.
  • Hyena Corpus proxies on Orb Vallis will be fully affected by Status Effects.
  • Enemies that are pinned to a projectile will be released if that projectile punctures through an object. This fixes ragdolls flying off uncontrollably instead of pinning to the wall.
  • To keep in-line with existing limitations, the first Ghoul Bounty is restricted to Mastery Rank 1, and the other Ghoul Bounty is restricted to Mastery Rank 3.
  • Tweaked Banshee Soprana’s skirt and cloth attributes to reduce clipping with her derriere.
  • When previewing Kubrow/Kavat Armor that cannot be equipped on your current Kubrow/Kavat (Hyekka, Moonless, etc) it will soon display the compatible Kubrow/Kavat Skin.
  • Further decreased the max size of Atlas’ Rumblers ever so slightly so they no longer get caught in certain doors.
  • Sniper scopes and Mining will no longer show the player if they’re cloaked and zooming in (Loki’s Invisibility etc).
  • Tweaked Interception HUD by moving and aligning UI.
  • Removed a radar dish in Plains of Eidolon due to it blocking a turret from firing.

Xbox One Specific Fixes: 

  • Fixed the “Tenno and Hooch”, “The Sword Alone”, and “Egg Timer” Achievements not unlocking when completed as reported here:
    • If you completed “Tenno and Hooch” and “The Sword Alone” before this update, running a single mission with the requirements listed below will unlock the Achievement once the update is live:
      • Tenno and Hooch – Complete 1 mission with a Kubrow equipped.
      • The Sword Alone – Complete 1 mission with a Melee weapon.
    • To unlock  “Egg Timer”, simply Incubate another Kubrow!


  • 10 pages of fixes are coming with Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0. The full list will be posted once the update is live!


You have patiently waited for new TennoGen since the last release in July but unfortunately there will be no bundles coming with Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0.  We are eager to deliver, but understand our limitations when it comes to the behemoth of a task that is testing for a mainline update of this size. We know this is a bummer, however, we do want to reassure you that we have not forgotten about bringing TennoGen to our console community. Two new TennoGen bundles that feature blasts from the past and some new hotness will be coming in the update that follows Saint of Altra. These “catchup” bundles are something you guys have been requesting, so we look forward to launching those in the future!

Your understanding, while we know can be difficult to have, is highly appreciated and noted. Thank you, Tenno!

Edited  by [DE]Danielle
In Cert!

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