Tips and Tricks you should read!

When you start if you are going to use your platinum, many believe the best use of that is to buy Warframe and Weapon slots. Others say to buy a catalyst and reactor to more quickly mod your warframe. It’s you plat, just do not spend it on a terrible weapon or cosmetics that do nothing for your abilities.

Probably the most important item to note is when you start you should try to open all planets and junctions. That way you have access to all Alert Missions. Many say not to even slow down to open crates etc. I do not think that makes the game any fun rushing every level just to get them done. Slow down and enjoy the game is mmy motto. There is a lot of game and hundreds of hours of stuff to do.

If you do not plan to spend money on the game to progress (which you do not have to) opening the planets is the fastest way to level up and start the collection of mods, resources and parts to craft more items.

Items you need to know when you are new to the game:

  • The Orokin Reactor is an item used to supercharge Warframes, Archwings and Companions, doubling their mod capacity.
  • The Orokin Catalyst is an item used to supercharge Weapons, including those for Archwings or Sentinels, doubling their mod capacity.
  • Understand and Use Extractors for resources – Titan Extractors –
  • See trading_faq here for more information about trading
  • Is MR (Mastery Rank) Important – To Rank up you must pass a test – One per 24hrs for a fail or success – You can practice the tests in the relays – PS: you should practice first as it will save you time – MR2 Unlocks Trading – MR3 – Unlocks Syndicates – MR8 – Unlocks all Relays – MR13 – Unlocks all Weapons – MR14 – Unlocks all Content – MR18 – Unlocks all Riven mods

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Join a good clan!
  • /unstuck typed in chat can get you unstuck from walls etc in game if that happens – and it will, it’s Warframe
  • Sell trash parts you no longer need for credits as needed. If you need help on what is trash, talk to your clan
  • Early Frames to look at: Nezha and Zypher are really good choices for beginners because they can be modded very cheaply for good results.
  • Should I play Public or Solo? You should play both and not be afraid of dying or needing to be revived. If you instantly revive yourself
    you lose affinity and that is very painful when trying to rank up when you do not use boosters.
  • Are voice chat and xb parties a thing? Yes and no, as many play without voice, many play with char in game. Voice parties are fewer but as you
    meet players those choices are yours, never an issue to ask.
  • How do I play without major spoilers? – It is difficult as spoilers are everywhere. It is said to just try to play and progress normally without
    looking forward, but if you talk to your clan mates always ask advice to be spoiler free if you feel it needs to not ruin the game for you.
  • There should be a handbook in game of things to do and not to do as a new player.
  • Let people revive you when you are leveling or you lose affinity.
  • Stop rushing missions, you need everything in those crates.
  • Equip the Vacuum mod immediately on a companion (Also build yourself a companion – Carrier or Helios)
  • Open everything
  • Learn the patterns in the game – it will help you later
  • Stop thinking you need end game youtuber builds to play the game
  • Learn “value” (as in what things cost in plat or time) in the game and top asking for free things, ask how to do something and many will help or possibly even help you by giving something to you.
  • Use your initial plat for slots and weapons and warframes, no matter how much you want that color palette
  • Stop dancing at extraction when you have done nothing to help the squad
  • If you play a WF like Gara or Frost – Do not kill us all with your energy color choice tht we cannot even see through to fight, please, we beg you.
  • If someone try’s to give good advice – do not be a di**
  • If someone gifts you something to help you out – Say thanks
  • Don’t ever pay for an ignis wraith – Many clans have them in their dojos if not many will give them to you for free if you ask your friends.
  • Don’t stress about not having platinum, everything you save up from breaking relics, you will be able to be sell/use eventually.
  • Rank 10-15 is really “max level” for most end game items, it will take some time but every time you rank up, check which new weapons you can make. So don’t worry about getting Mastery Rank 20+ to do end game content
  • ALWAYS BE BUILDING SOMETHING IF YOU CAN, If not always be collecting resources you need – Sometimes a list really helps.
  • Do your sorties every day one you get it unlocked, usually you’ll random que and get carried and get great items
  • When you get discount coupons, spend them on warframes you want that are hard to obtain
  • When you are taking a break for an hour or two, leave you Warframe in Maroos Bazar/Strata Relay and when you come back you’ll have a lot of bonus drop/XP/credit boosters, sometimes you won’t get any but might as well try ? – This also works on relays
  • Have fun!
  • There is no “meta”
  • Every warframe is capable of high level content, it takes a basic knowledge of the frame and how to best utilize its kit
  • Cosmetics are a big thing, play a warframe you think looks the coolest, many of us do ?
  • Base your builds around the trifecta… you need a way to heal, a CC, and a good form of damage. And you can do so through many various combinations of warframe abilities, mods, and weapons, even companions can contribute. This game does take some reading to get good with all these factors.
  • Don’t rush it, warframe is a grind, anything you do will take time… use that time to explore different frames, builds, and quests, you won’t regret it! Deep breath and enjoy the game. Many have played for years, many things do not happen overnight.

Resource Websites:

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  • Warframe Wiki –
  • Warframe Market –
  • Warframe Builder –
  • Tenno Tools –
  • Semlar (Zaw, Amp, Kitgun builder) –
  • Overframe –
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  • Warframe Reliquary –
  • How to Chat in Warframe –
  • How to Mod – Overall General Guide –
  • Synthesis Target Locations –
  • Sisters of Parvos Guide –

Helpful Youtube Creators:

    • – Especially his Free to Play Walkthroughs for new players & Weapon Guides
    • Leyzar Gaming – Great for New Players also –
    • TheKengineer – Quality of life in Warframe tips and settings –