The Pacifism Defect update has been sent to Cert

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Xbox One Tenno!

The Pacifism Defect update has been sent to Cert! 

What you can look forward to:

  • Operation The Pacifism Defect (Ignis Wraith!!!)
  • Quick Steel Conclave Variant
  • Ivara and Inaros Helmets
  • Taxon Sentinel
  • Weapon Skin Collections
  • and much more!!!!

If you are in a competitive Clan: The moment the Operation begins, your Clan Roster is locked in. Clan membership changes that occur after the Start of the Operation will not be reflected in the Leaderboards.

Wise move: Prepare!
Act now!
If you wish to readjust your membership, do so before the Operation begins!
This is advanced warning.
Heads up!

We’ll update this thread with new information as we receive it.


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