Latest info for new Baro Arrival time on the relays

Oh hey there, Tenno!

Baro’s been recouping from last week’s inventory sweep, it might have AKtually been his busiest visit to date! In preparation for his next visit, we wanted to inform you that there have been some adjustments to his arrival time. On Friday, February 10th, he will appear at 9 AM ET and depart at 9 AM ET on Sunday, February 12th (time converter here). This will likely become an established change for all future visits, but will keep you informed on any changes if they come.

Thank you!

2/4/17 Razor7 is now a Shadow Clan

 2/4/17 – Moved to Shadow Clan from Ghost Clan

  • Actively recruiting members
  • New members welcome
  • Weekly give-a-ways
  • Xbox Club
  • Members of all ages and skill levels

Coming Soon!