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The Best Defense – Melee Creation Contest!

The best defense is a good offense! We’ve asked for your Melee weapon designs in the past, and we loved them, so we’re asking for more! It’s time to design a Melee weapon that you would be proud to carry into battle.

How to enter:
In this thread, submit original concept art and criteria for a Melee weapon (using an existing Warframe grip type) that you would like to see in Warframe!

Your submission must include:
Faction: Clearly label which faction this weapon belongs to
Brief Description: Include a grip-type and description of your weapon (max 100 words)
Original Artwork: Maximum 2 images

Need an example?
Silva & Aegis Original Concept Art:

Silva & Aegis in Warframe:


●    One submission per player
●    Artwork must be original and not taken from other sources
●    The weapon must use an existing grip. Melee weapon types that are not already in Warframe are not allowed
●    Do not reserve spots in this thread
●    Only post submissions in this thread
●    Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified
●    All submissions become property of Digital Extremes

Selecting the Winning Design:

Call for submissions will be closed on March 30, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET.

Lucas Hug, Senior Artist at Digital Extremes, will choose a batch of favourite submissions. You can see some of Lucas Hug’s work on Warframe weapons here: http://www.lucashug.com/warframe-02

The Design Council will then determine the winning Melee weapons by submissions selected by Lucas Hug. Design Council voting will begin on March 31, 2017 at 1:00pm ET and run for one week.

The winning designs will be interpreted by our artists who will make tweaks as needed to ensure that the overall design remains true to the Warframe style.

The completed melee weapon will then be put into Warframe!

Good luck, Tenno!

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