Current Ranking Overall in Pacifism Defect – 68th

The Warframe Clan mission runs till tomorrow – Will your be participating? 200P to Tenno that beats 1500 points in one run. 100p to the top 4 scores in the clan. We need your points to be at the top. All you need to do is finish the mission and put a score on the board. This would help the clan overall and show you are a contributing member of RAZOR7. Please try to get your points on the board. We are currently 66th overall and want to be in the top 30. Thanks in advance for your help. BURZYCKI


Thank you for four amazing years, Tenno!

As our thanks to you, we’ve got the Dex Nouchali Syandana coming to your inbox on March 28! Until then, from March 24 to March 27 gear up for Sortie-styled Tactical Alerts where you can fight to salvage and claim our previous anniversary gifts!

The following Tactical Alerts will be presented via a Sortie-like mission screen on the World State Window. Completing the first mission will unlock the following challenges in order.

From now until March 27 at 2 p.m. ET

Alert 1:

· Enemy Type – Corpus
· Condition – Secondary only
· Reward – Dex Furis with Orokin Catalyst and Slot

Alert 2:

· Enemy Type – Infested
· Condition – Melee Only
· Reward – Dex Dakra with Orokin Catalyst and Slot

Alert 3:

· Enemy Type – Grineer
· Condition – Primary Only
· Reward – Dex Sybaris with Orokin Catalyst and Slot

March 28 at 2 p.m. ET – April 4 at 2 p.m. ET:

· Dex Nouchali Syandana becomes available.
· Awarded via in-game inbox upon login.
· You are not required to complete any of the previous alerts to receive the fourth year anniversary item.

You only have one week to claim the Dex Nouchali Syandana so make sure you login within the time noted above!