Welcome to RAZOR7!

Rules – This covers in game, Game chat, Alliance chat and on our Discord:

  1. Respect each other. Abusive or harassing comments won’t be allowed.
  2. No Hate speech in chat. No Offensive or Racist usernames / gamertags. Zero Racism – This is a NO TOLERANCE RULE.
  3. NSFW content (porn/hateful) is not allowed. Some profanity is okay.
  4. If an Admin or Warlord asks you to stop something, you should stop.
  5. No Spamming. Your dank memes, please keep them in #off-topic.
  6. Do not impersonate a guide, moderator, developer, or another player.
  7. Please try to keep Trading, Bot Commands, & LFG in the appropriate text channel on our discord
  8. Do not spam clan chat with Trading unless you are offering the deal of the century for clan members.
  9. Do not spam Alliance chat with trading unless you are offering an Alliance discount
  10. No insulting other members
  11. No Inside Politics
  12. No stealing members from our allied alliance clans
  13. No recruiting of other Alliance clan’s members
  14. We are all adults and should act like adults, excessive swearing just turns off new players to the game and we are about growing our clans, our alliances and this communities reputation as being great.
  15. Immediate ejection from the clan can result from many of the above rules, if broken.
  16. Please do not beg for items. Play the game well and help and you might be rewarded. Begging will get you nothing
  17. No Contributions to the clan = No Help from the clan and usually a kick from the clan
  18. 14 Day Inactive Kick Policy – Special circumstances will be on a case by case and will be posted in #vacation on the Discord


Everyone in this game is at a different level and we all were at the beginning at one time.

Things you should do:

Help others, revive everyone and not try to complain about it too much, teach and do not insult.

Discord Notifications:

We definitely recommend to set your Discord notifications to “Mentions only” This can be done on the whole server, or by each individual # channel – But this is up to you.