RAZOR7 is an [Xbox One] Rank 10 Mountain Clan that is professionally run and openly recruiting for MR5+ members. We play because we love the game and helping the community.

Our website is www.razor7.org for news and details.

  • Part of the Eternal Legion Alliance – 4000 Active Members – Allied with The Hidden Shinobi Clan – #1 Ranked Leaderboard clan
  • Be part of a smaller clan environment with a large well respected Alliance. Thus we will still know you!
  • Clan emblems are available and will be gifted to those Tenno that assist the clan and the dojo
  • 100% Dojo Research Completion – Some Dojo Colors Missing but we do not care because they are (well) ugly
  • Weekly and monthly give-a-ways to clan members
  • A friendly environment where you can ask your new player questions and get helpful answers
  • We will even help you kill Stalker, might try to shut Ordis up and will put in a good word with The Lotus for you.
  • Warlord is responsive and active in the game and with all clan members.
  • Please read the special requirements below

While we are looking for all levels of players – We are also looking for more seasoned players that want to help new players and teach raids. We are also looking for Raid leaders for our entire Alliance. See the list at www.allianceofone.org

While we cannot yet compete with the big dogs yet – we have the commitment to continue to build ranks and if you want to be in on the ground floor please consider us as your clan of choice. Do not just be a number in a huge clan, be something more with RAZOR7.

SIZE GOAL: 300 (But always recruiting) 
DOJO: Large and adding items daily
PLAY STYLE: Casual to Serious – Helpful clan to newer players, just ask our players
SPECIAL ITEMS: Ignis Wraith blueprint is in the Lab, Top 100 Clan in all recent events. All weapons fully researched

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 14 Day Inactive Policy – MR5+ Players (Msg if you are a newer player than MR5 but plan to move quickly to MR5+ and will be active) Clan and Alliance emblems required.

If any of the above interests you please comment here or message me on XBOX1 at IGN: BURZYCKI


We have the Ignis Wraith BP in the Dojo

Look for our Logo and chat with the clan member:

Fully Equipped Dojo:

Guides to help you on your journey:

We can help you understand the complexities of the game:

We can even help when this guy shows up:

Now part of the Eternal Legion Alliance:

 – See the benefits of a top tier Alliance here

R7 Member Countries

  • Unites States
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Australia