Things you need to know:

The Orokin Reactor is an item used to supercharge Warframes, Archwings and Companions, doubling their mod capacity.

The Orokin Catalyst is an item used to supercharge Weapons, including those for Archwings or Sentinels, doubling their mod capacity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These builds might not be perfect and can change over time. These are here as examples and you get you started with decent builds, then you need to tweak them as needed for your play style or game play.


The basics and some tips to get you by:

PRIMARY WEAPONS – Mods to almost always use: Serration – Split Chamber – Shred, Heavy Caliber

Then use your other mod slots to customize based on – STATUS – CRITICAL – PURE – HYBRID

All of the builds depend on your play style, faction of enemies and other factors or go for a Hybrid build to be able to do well in most situations.


Here are some example builds on the more fun weapons:


With Argon Scope – 2 Forma

4 Forma Build