Prime Vault July 24: Nyx and Rhino are Primed to return!

Become the master of manipulation! The Prime Vault opens July 24 on all platforms!

For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along with other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum.

Thanks to your feedback, this is also the first time we’re offering separate Prime Accessory Packs!

Our full news post has a full breakdown of what’s coming, this forum post is just a preview of the information!

Check it out here:

Update on The Sacrifice Twitch Drops Campaign Re-Run

Hey console Tenno!

Since TennoCon 2018 has come and passed, we wanted to give you an update on where we’re at with The Sacrifice Twitch Drops Campaign re-run.

To get you up to speed, we originally informed you that we would be re-running the campaign after TennoCon. For the sake of the console Tenno who, at the time, did not want to spoil the quest while watching PC broadcaster streams, we still intend to do so! Our goal has not changed, however, since Update 23 launched on XB1, there have been some difficult-to-solve login and quest freezes/crashes issues.

We recently just launched a hotfix on XB1 that’ll hopefully solve the bulk of these issues. You can read more about that here:

While we are confident in this fix, we require the following weeks to observe the fix to see if it’s been successful. Additionally, we are concerned that the traffic we usually get on our servers during a Twitch Drops campaign would cause more stress on these ongoing issues.

With that said! Once we have the “all clear” that the fix has done what we sought it out to do, we will post an official start date for the campaign. We will also be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as the first campaign run.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make this re-run a reality!

Limbo Prime has Arrived

Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime have arrived – like magic!
The Rifts are opening and a Cataclysm is about to begin. Wield the wily Void magician, bend the power of the Void to your will, and outwit your enemies.

Limbo Prime Access Features: 

  • Limbo Prime: Manipulate the Void as the golden gentleman.
  • Limbo Prime Glyphs: Embody Limbo Prime with these Prime Glyphs.
  • Destreza Prime: Precise strikes and high Puncture damage make this Prime rapier devastating against armored targets.
  • Pyrana Prime: A far cry from a gentleman’s traditional dueling pistol, this Tenno secondary automatic shotgun shreds enemies with ease.

Update 22.8.2 has passed Cert and will be launching Tuesday January 23rd!!

January 18th Status Update:

Update 22.8.2 has passed Cert and will be launching Tuesday January 23rd!!

Get your Arsenal ready for some Ghoul slaying!


XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 


We’re starting 2018 off strong with Plains of Eidolon Update 22.8.2! The build has been sent to cert and includes a hearty cup of additions, changes, and fixes from our mainline update (22.6.0) all the way up to Hotfix 22.8.2.

And when we say hearty, we really mean chunky –  Here’s a beefy list of things you can look forward to in this Update:


4 New Bounties: Ghoul Purge! 

Ghoul threats are on their way! New recurring bounties feature the Ghoul monstrosities. Help defend Cetus and destroy the Ghouls…. but their destruction may not be permanent! Expect the Ghouls to re-emerge regularly.

Ghoul Purge will introduce 7 new Grineer Ghoul Enemies and Variants.

Focus 2.5:

  • Focus Points and Brilliant Eidolon Shards will be refunded so that you can redistribute as you please.
  • Shared Pool Capacity: You will be able to upgrade your pool size using the points from any School you wish, which increases the maximum capacity for every school all at once.
  • Node cost reduced: The costs of unlocking nodes across all trees have, on average, been reduced by almost 30%.
  • A handful of Zenurik, Varazin, Unairu, and Madurai Focus School ability changes!

New Weapons and Cosmetics: 

  • CORINTH – Deliver a massive punch with each blast of this shotgun, or launch a round that explodes mid-air knocking down nearby enemies.
  • GUNSEN – Lacerate attackers with two razor sharp warfans.
    • New Stance (Fans): Slicing Feathers! Twirling acrobatic slashes with a refined touch!
  • QUARTAKK –  Annihilate targets with four simultaneous shots from this high-caliber Grineer rifle.
  • STUBBA – Inflict rapid-fire bursts of pain with this Grineer submachine gun.
  • MAGGOR SYANDANA – Victory over the Grineer, draped across your shoulders.
  • MAGGOR ARMOR BUNDLE – Grineer plate, trophies from battle on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • MAGGOR ASSAULT PACK – Make a devastating entrance with the Maggor Assault Pack. Includes the Quartakk quad-barrelled assault rifle and hard-hitting Stubba submachine gun, with matching Maggor armor and syandana

Invite Players to Your Orbiter and Customize your Personal Quarters! 

Warframe’s shared-world experience will expand to your Orbiter with the option to invite your friends to come aboard! To make room for your squad, the Orbiter will be expanded further by adding the new Personal Quarters, which includes:

  • Vignettes
  • Stencils
  • Aquarium
  • Warframe Display
  • Somachord

To receive the new Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint, you must complete The War Within. Players who have already completed the quest will receive the Blueprint automatically in their inbox. So if you haven’t completed the quest yet, now’s your chance to get a head start before the update goes live!
New Achievements 

  • Pest Control – Kill 100 Plains Beasts
  • Master Angler – Catch 10 fish
  • Plains Prospector – Unearth 100 Deposits from the Plains of Eidolon

Gara Mass Vitrify changes*

  • Mass Vitrify is no longer invulnerable and now has sections that break off and explode as it absorbs incoming damage. The amount of damage absorbed scales with Power Strength and Armor. Explosion damage scales with Power Strength.
  • Mass Vitrify no longer has a duration and remains until recast, destroyed from damage, or smashed with Shattered Lash.

*Gara is still relatively new as far as Warframes are concerned but since her release, we’ve found (and many players have found) that an invulnerable and almost impenetrable barrier doesn’t allow for a very engaging gameplay experience. The above changes aim to stay consistent with Gara’s glass theme while also making Mass Vitrify more interactive. While some of you are already aware of these changes from the PC update, we urge you hold your feedback until after you’ve had a chance to test these new changes for yourself. Thank you! 
Volt Changes

  • You will be able to swap to your primary weapon while holding Volt’s Electric Shield, doing this will drop the Electric Shield. You can drop the Electric Shield as before to avoid switching to another weapon.
  • Reduced Electric Shield’s Energy Cost per meter to 1 Energy per 4 meters (down from 1 per 1 meter)

And much more: 

  • Dynamic Weather in the Plains of Eidolon + Rain slider in the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene!
  • Exterminate, Assassinate, and Cache Recovery Incursions in the Plains of Eidolon Caves!
  • Capacity split into 4 different areas (Transference Room, Helminth Infirmary, Personal Quarters, and everything in between) with a capacity of 1200 EACH to hold all your ship’s flair.
  • New Orbiter Decorations including posable Warframe Articula, trees, planters, decorative toys for your Companions, and more!
  • Objective UI and UX Improvements.
  • New Operator Animations sets! Zenurik, Naramon, Unairu, Madurai, and Vazarin will have their own set of idle animations.
  • Bait, Dye, and Pharoma changes and additions that includes a new custom Bait throwing animation, and a new squad benefiting Bait system.
  • Sky Archwing deployable in Captura!
  • Replay Bounties for Standing!
  • Emotes in your Orbiter! Deep bows all around.
  • Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors casting animation changed to match the style of the Mirage Prime trailer!
  • ….tons of fixes and changes!